WTB Small Sun zy-c10

Would like to buy one for a good price, want one for a hunting light.



Doesn’t have to even work just need basically all the major parts


Sorry dude if had one I would hook you up. I built 15 of them this summer and the only one i have left is missing a bunch of parts I stole out of it to fix up the other ones.


They’re $13-14 on dx/manafont

I know was just thinking it might be faster if there was one a ailable in the U.S.

Dern it
How many parts is it missing dont need a driver or led bjt the rest might be somewhat essential

Its missing the plastic spacer for the lens, tailcap switch and o-rings. Too much probably to put back together. I havn’t found an alternative replacement for that thin plastic spacer yet anywhere.

One more try to see if there is anyone with one.

Went to order one on Manafont and it said that it was under reconstruction or something like that, new management and other things like not taking new orders if i read it correctly.

Does anyone have one available for purchase? :frowning:

DX likely to be your best bet:


Ok thanks, needed two for a couple builds for some friends of friends for a hunting light. Guess i will give up my personal light to get them up and going.


It’s stock, and everything works. PM me.