WTB: Solarforce L2C and L2P in blue.

Prices online, mostly ebay are kind of expensive. I would just like the bodies, as I can grab whatever dropin’s I want. If you have any dropin’s we can talk about those.

Thank you kindly.

You can buy L2C here at a good price
Also ask for blue L2P

Thanks Chat. I was just wondering if someone had a few they were wanting to part with. If I don’t find anything here I will probably go that direction. A few single mode drop in’s and I will be one happy man. :slight_smile:

Hey Todd, are Solarforce worth having these days? Company has gone downhill with so many lights coming out. Not too many people building lights?

I really like the Gladiator.

I’m not really sure to tell you the truth. I just really liked the idea of easily swapable emitter/drivers that could fit what I need them to do. These days I am really liking 500 lumen or less single mode, long run lights. I thought I would give these a shot. Lots of options available for them.

BTW, there is a UK company still selling the Gladiator host. Flashaholics UK or something like that.

I see you’re more interested in longer run times, I have black and blue l2p, both with quads, copper if you’re interested.
Copper P60 Quad Dropin,219C 5000K 80+ CRI & XPL-HI-V3-1B.

I am interested. What kind of price are we looking at? Or maybe a trade of some sort. Do you have anything you are looking for? I can PM you a list of what needs to go around here if you want it. If not just shoot me a price and I will see if I can fit it into my budget.

Thanks Joker.

It was only recently that I rotated out my trusty 1-mode ’502 (5000K XP-L OP) for a UT20. Been my EDC for years. About 500lm if I had to guess, about 2hrs+ runtime on a panny-B. Got “ooh”s and “lemme see”s from anyone who’d see it.

If some lardass didn’t practically if not literally sit on my holster plopping down next to me, and ripping it, I’d probably still be EDCing it. Alas, I needed a deep-carry light instead, and the UT20 was the only one that perfectly fit the DC clip that FT sells.

So yeah, that light got lots of mileage.

See if Illumn still has those nylon-body NexTorch lights, LED w/ charger+cell or hotwire with a pair of CR123s. Nifty if you want a plastic body light as long as you don’t push any LED too hard/hot.

Thank you. I will take a look at them. My AA lights have been getting more of workout these days than my 650 lights. Just finding myself not needing all the output but really needing the extended runtime. The size of the light doesn’t really matter as long as it’s not too huge, just like a light that don’t melt itself after using it for more than 30 minutes.

Is that a custom-made copper P60 quad dropin? Where can we buy one?


The NexTorch LED lights come with a 1W LED and it intentionally doesn’t run too hot, but it’s rather anæmic. You could probably push a well-heat-sunk drop-in a bit harder. Just keep in mind that all that heat’s gonna be bottled up in a nylon-body light.

But they’re lightweight, don’t get scuffed/scratched/nicked, or have the ano wear off. I imagine they’ll also look like Hell after a while if abused, but in a different way. :smiley:

If you’re not gonna push them too hard, they’ll be great hosts.

Or if you just plan on using it as a host, the version with the incan bulb dropin is only $8. That’s pretty cheap for a host.

And you get a pair of ’123s for your Jet-II or whatever else uses 16340s. :smiley:

Actually, I’m burning down the pair in a SP32Av2. So they ain’t going to waste.