WTB solarforce L2t XML single mode

Looking for a solarfocre L2T single model XML. Let me knowing you wantto get rid of yours.

Hmm weapon mounting?

I have an L2t with single mode XM-L smooth reflector, (I spent ages making the beam perfect) well heatsinked to the host using copper tape. I'm currently using an AW IMR in it for max current on a single cell (kd 3-18v driver). It also uses solarforce stainless low profile strike bezel. The host itslef has a few scratches in the anodizing, but looks around 90%.

I would sell it to you at the right price if you want it. Where are you located and how much are you wanting to spend?

I'm located in California and I'm looking to spend $30.00 since a new one can be bought for 34.00 I just hate waiting on shipping.

Ok, I'll have to pass then I think. This set-up cost me a little more than that anyway:

L2T: $17

L2-B5 Stainless Bezel: $6

Shipping: $2

Drop-in: $12

Then there was the work in swapping the LED to a more neutral tint genuine binned T6 and getting the reflector collimation just right and then sorting the heatsink bonding to the host with copper tape.. So I was hoping for around $35 + shipping to sell.

I'm in the UK too so shipping time would still be about a week and not that cheap. I was hoping your username suggested you were living on one of the channel islands ;)

Good luck for finding one anyway.

Ok thank you for your reply

Check out lighthound.com. This is a link for all their Solarforce items. Quick shipping.