[WTB] SS p60 hosts-1xAAAA light-SF two way clip-FoyBezel™

Looking for an L2m, L2, 503b... if you have one you would like to sell, or know of a reputable store that has stock... let me know

Basically looking for hosts that I can lego, that are stainless. Will be buyint the L2t very shortly, unless I can find any of these. Also would be interested in just the head from the SBFlashlights (i think, A001 head) special edition stainless

May be willing to trade something if the right item comes up

1x AAAA light. Used light preferred. Does not need to be pretty as long as its not abused and works as it should.

Klarus MiX5 in stainless preferred, but will take any 1x AAAA light

Also looking for:

SolarForce two way pocket clip


Let me know what you got and maybe we can make a deal!

I presume that when you say you’ll be buying the L2T soon you mean this one. I’ve had that in the basket a couple of times then replaced it with other bits that would fit the look of my collection (black) better, it does look good though.
I’d have to ditch the rubber ring and put one of my titanium lanyard grip ‘n’ clips in it’s place.

Yup, that's the one. I have came close a few times also, but always skipped it. I would just like to get my hands on some of the harder to find ones first I think. Found the 503b ss at a few places, but don't know if they are reliable. On my cell right now or I would link

No problem, I’m about spent up for this month, knives and flashlights, as expensive as I can afford. = Low price High value. :bigsmile:

I habe a few of these… What ya got to trade?

depends, which ones ya got? lol

I see you wanted stainless… The L2 is the only stainless I have

Got pics?

I don't really have many lights left right now, only like 8 or 9. would you want to sell it?

just looking to trade

Don't think I really have any lights to trade for that. If it had the a001 head in stainless on it then it would be different.

If you decide to sell it let me know.

I remember someone buying a SS l2m clone from somewhere... anyone remember where it was available?

Dale - Is that L2 polished aluminum or really stainless steel?


Someone must have one that they bought and did not like, or know where to get an l2, l2m or 503b in stainless


Found the 503b, but is this a reliable seller? And, whats the odds that it would lego?

Also, any other p60 hosts in stainless anyone knows about?


Added to the want list: FoyBezel™, SolarForce two way pocket clip, and a 1x AAAA flashlight.


Bactrian Post!

did you receive my PM pulsar?

about the SS L2T at CPFM?

Yeah, meant to reply but forgot. I am looking to get an lt2 too, but I am hoping to get one of the out of production models first. dont want to spend cash on the l2t and not be able to afford an l2m if it pops up