WTB/T DQG II AAA R4 Keychain Light


If anybody wants to part with their DQG II tiny AAA light (preferably R4 with the magnet tail) I'd be willing to pay $30 shipped for one that's in good condition. Or if you'd like I'd be willing to trade a Yezl T9 which I've modded with a U2 XM-L and added glow-epoxy to the black ring that holds the LED heatsink in place + a Yezl branded 18650. The U2 is slightly green tinted.. I can swap it back out with the original emitter if you so desire. Also, the glow-epoxy is a rather sloppy job, but it shouldn't be too much trouble to remove it either. I can send pics if there's any interest.

PM me if you're interested!


Hope you find one. You might have better luck at CPF? Someone's bound to replace it with a titanium-sapphire CPF custom, sooner or later.

Thanks for the kind words :) actually if I'm not mistaken there are plans for a Ti production run of the light... I'd pick one of those up but for keychain duty I'd much rather have SS.

But materials aside, this is a very cool light. Ti would just mean more $$, and crunchier threads.