Wtb: this 4aa light

Hey guys I’m looking for a host like this one

If u have one or few please pm me on what u would like for it

Or if u no where they sell them at a reasonable price ill give u few sinkpads for your time searching

Ps: its not the 109 led one I want the smaller one I think the 58 led ??

I need to visit HD this weekend. I’ll see if they have any left.

Thanks, I can’t find any online that looks just like that

Try searching "41 LED flashlight"

Is that what you're looking for?

pm sent,I have some.

Pm replied

It comes up with the lights that has the rubber ring around it, the kind I want is just like my photo, and they are identical to the harbor freight 109 led version but 2x smaller

Gotcha. Try "51 LED flashlight" then.

Looks very much like the Defiant 50 LED light from HD (SKU is 527 740). There are some differences though. Does that one you have in the pic have a screw on bazzle? I don’t think the HD one does. I think the lens is pressed or glued in.

EDIT: I’m looking at the HD one now. It is slightly different. It has a larger tail cap and very slight crenelation on the “bezzle”. Body appears straighter then your pic, but same grid pattern on the body. They had a few on the clearance rack at my HD a couple days ago. No price marked, but probably $7.00. It this is what you want and you can’t find any by tomorrow afternoon, let me know how many you would like me to pick up for you. I would just want reimbursement for the cost of the light(s) and shipping.

I had one long time ago and I think it did unscrew from top, because it matched my HF 109 led light

I just pulled it out of the package. Probably not even close to what you are looking for. Although it has a great size and feel in the hand, it is a thin metal affair with no screw on bezzle. Sorry. Best of luck on your search.

they have something like that I think

Here is a link to my thread on the Home Depot 4AA 5 LED light that I think ImA4Wheelr is referring to.


Garry does the top of the head (bezzle) unscrew ?

I never found a way to remove it. I'm about 95% sure the lens is just glued in from the front. I bought an extra to mod and was planning to attempt pushing the lens out, but never did. I thought these were still available at my local Home Depot.


Yeah. That is the light Garry is linking to. I wanted to find that link last night, but it was getting too late. Bezel and head are one piece as best I can tell.

I’m sure this isn’t the light your looking for, but just in case I have to rescind my offer to pick any up today as I won’t getting into town until Monday.

Looks sort of like what I have
(pics in the actual listing)

I think this is the same.

Thanks for the great offer but another forum member has a few I might get

The second link by That Ninja Guy has a good picture. That like looks much more beefy then the HD light. Too bad it’s 4 AAA.

Oops, for some reason I read the OP as 4 AAA. :sp