WTB thorfire C8s drivers

I know many purchased thorfire C8s lights. Those that have purchased some even upgraded drivers and/or leds.

I want to buy those ORIGNAL 4 mode drivers w/moonlight. Please PM me shipped price, USA only if possible as international shipping kills it.

Thanks for your time,


Still looking.

yah, it is a nice driver I read in reviews, with that fine moon!
But that prbably makes it hard to fnd, why would one want to swap driver?
Besides the new C8 is pretty new so not a lot in the wild :wink:

Have a look at this driver : http://www.kaidomain.com/product/details.S020073 .

It’s a great option if you don’t find them .

If I swap out the drivers on two of my VG10’s I will just mail one to you. Another member gets the other one. I might not get around to it for a year or so. :slight_smile:

The Thorfire C8s drivers appear to be buck drivers, there is a big coil on them. In some ads I’ve read you can use 2xCR123A with them. At Thorfire direct they only specify 18650 though.

The manual says: Two 3V CR123A Batteries are Usable

Back before the end of the year I found this on aliexpress
C8s Driver

They showed pictures from the factory, actually building drivers.
The store went dark during the new years holiday, and they never returned. I’ve looked high, and low since, trying to find them. I never ordered any, but you might try contacting the store owner, if he is still accessible.
That said. I do have a few of these, but like you, I really like them. Just removed, and saved for future projects. I don’t know what quantity your looking for, but I would be willing to give 1 up.
PM if your interested

These are indeed nice drivers. I am tempted to harvest from one of my VG10’s. Btw, they work stock with a lighted tailcap.

Could use another or 3. })