WTB: Triple Modified Minimag using 2x14500 cells

Hi all,

I was given a black mini-mag nearly 2 years ago to modify into a triple running 2x14500 cells but still haven't done because of what I can only put down to a sheer lack of interest and will power :/

I'm hoping someone has an example I can purchase pre-done if possible? Alternatively I have a black mini-mag host I am willing to ship to anyone who can build the light for me.


- Matt

Problem with 2*14500 is there aren't many drivers that will fit and drive it properly. A cut down mini to single 14500 is what I always went with as divers are way easier to source for that layout.

JM is right. You will not find anything that will work properly, with enough output, with 2x14500 cells. Best way is to use a 17mm linear driver like the 105C style and run the leds parallel with a cut down 1x14500 body. - Or, use a dummy cell if you want it stock.

You want it built, send it to me. I will do it. Done a few of them over the years. Cheaper to buy a Black host here in the US and just send it to you after it's modded. Less money overall. PM me if you are interested.

I think Match did an MTG mod using a Kd p7 driver(19mm 3-mode buck) that might work. Easiest with an led AA but I’ve used a finned insert to lengthen the head on my mods. Justin’s done way more though.

PM incoming OL :)