WTB Wuben T050R

Looking for someone who hopefully has a T050R sitting in a box, or on a shelf not being used.

Maybe someone from the Group Buy that doesn’t love/use theirs and could use additional funds towards another purchase.

Doesn’t have to be sealed in the box, but I’d prefer something with very little wear.

I would like everything the light came with in the original package.

Message me if you have one you’d like to sell, and let me how much you need to have for it.

I have a few assorted lights I could include in a trade + cash scenario if anyone would be interested in something like that.

Lights available for trade:

-Q8 (updated to Anduril compliments of Toykeeper herself)
-Olight M1T
-Emisar D4 (white)
-Sofirn SC31
-Sofirn SP33

Located in Michigan, USA, so preferably someone state side to avoid international shipping costs.

Throwing this out there again, just in case someone missed it the first time through.