WTB - XM-L copper board/sinkpad

Since I missed the groupbuy, I want to try it this way.

I just need a single 20mm board/sinkpad, because of that and to keep shipping costs low I prefer a deal with a german/european member.

:party: bump :party:

nikanon since i like to help people, ill try and get u one :wink: i think i have a German order going out, if they decide to take my light ill ask if they can ship it to u

4 XM-L i can send you one, but 4 XP-G i have ordered too less. :_(

I think I have more xpg to sell but dang shipping went sky high

Sky high?

When I check USPS I get $2.25 to ship to EU a letter with a rigid object.

$6.55 when it’s a package, which probably is a heck of a box.

Single SinkPAD in my hand does not feel more than 3.5 ounces.

Sure it’s not $1.5 that it costs to ship from here to Germany.

Of course if you use a padded envelope that costs something, weights something, gets rated as a large envelope and there you go, $6-$8 costs for that.

Maybe later I might have one spare, but since I did not reflow any yet I don’t want to offer them away when I might realize later I want to keep them.

If you’re unlucky after some time, drop me a PM I might have one spare in EU.

I can send you one (postage for plain letter is under 1€) when/if I receive them :expressionless:

will you have one more spare? 0:) pretty please

Perhaps 8) Let’s just wait for mailman first :wink:

:open_mouth: a lot of action in this thread in the last few hours :open_mouth:

I will shoot Andi a PM, thank you very much everyone, glad this thread got some attention.

I just started my research into LEDs and missed the group buy. Anyone willing to sell me some xm-l sinkpads?

I'd like to have one XP-G sinkpad. (And XM-L too, but the XP-G is more important)

Please? Anyone?

I know nitro is still selling them on CPF in the WTS modding section. I would try sending him a PM.


Ill send u a pm

Thanks nitro. PM answered & Paypal sent. :)

Hey nitro, not sure if u got my pm. Do you have any additional XM-L boards available? Thanks!

Ill have to look and see and will pm u

Hi everyone,

I ordered a batch of the 20mm XML and the 20mm XPG. They should be here Monday or Tuesday. I'll post a thread here on BLF when I have them in hand :)

Sinkpads are in :) I cant match the group buy price, but I hope this helps for the people still needing some.