WTB: XP-L V6 2D or a XM-L2 2D tint

I want to buy a XP-L V6 2D. If anyone has any to sell, please let me know.

Since I like 3D and 3A tint, I wonder what the 2D tint looked like. I suspect it might be in the same sweet spot as 3D and 3A.

I see that illumn had V6 2D last year but it is long sold out.

I have recently gotten some of the XP-L V3 2B’s from RMM… I really like the CW/NW split of these and have been looking for 2C/2D as well… Hopefully someone with a well stocked parts box will chime in….

I think that the Perfect CW tint (for me) would be like 1D - 2A - 2D, but I don’t really know (never tried any of them), because Cree seems to prefer selling tints Above the BBL, and that to me is generally not a good thing.

I do have a XP-L HI P60 drop In 2B on order from Richard at Mountain Electronics, but this is because so many have reported the tint to be Great. - I’m old, but it’s just a number they say, so if the 2B tint on the HI is “Great”, then perhaps that will be Great for me too! :slight_smile:

The HI is new, and it just could be that the different angle that the light hits the reflector makes the difference? - I do know that both the lens (AR coating, or not, and if so, how thick and what elements were deposited) and the reflector can affect tint.

Thanks, all…

I have a 1D and 2A tint, just wanted to try the next one down which is above 3A.

I try to stick with A and D, avoid B and C.

OK, so what is the deal with the Black Body Locus…? I have not seen much difference in my personal experience with the A vs B or C vs D tints, well, the few I have… I have actually seemed to prefer the ones above the BBL…

It is like we all see the same thing differently…… this thread could go on forever…

I am liking the 2’s and low 3’s the most for me so far…

I’m willing to go with a XM-L2 with 2D tint. I just know that the XP-L V6 2D was available from illumn last year and was hoping someone still had one laying around not being used.

Anyone? Bueller… Bueller… Bueller?

It is clear that we are not all the same in preference and strangely preferences change with time for many.
I still remember the years when 1C was considered top tint over 1A, nowadays clearly it is not considered that way, most would gladly choose 1A or 1D, in that 1x tint group.
Now that being said, I do not like anything over the BBL in the 3x and 1x tints (3B 3C 1B 1C). For 2x tints all of the 2A 2B 2C 2D are ok for me.

Bumpity Bump

I’ve never seen a 2D anything anywhere.

Djozz has, and I take his word as Cree gospel. .

Cree XP-L V6 2C led, tested against XM-L2 T6 3C, edit23/7: I repeated the test and measured a dedomed XP-L

No 2D that I can see. :frowning:

I’ve seen 2A, 2B, and 2C but not 2D. I wonder if they are all reserved for special uses. I have a personal preference for 1D,3D as they seem to lack the sickly green corona in favor of a slightly rosy one. Obviously that’s not going to be universal as we all have variations in perceived spectrum I just wonder that 2D is so rare among all the led types.