WTB: Xtar XP4 & Xtar WP2s

I'm not quite sure how the Buy/Sell thing works here, hopefully I'm doing this right.

I want to buy a cheap new or used Xtar XP4 or WP2s.
Would prefer the XP4 over the WP2s... I like the 18650 charger + 2.1amp usb power bank!
Shipped to the Con US.

Kriesler would link to this thread on what to buy but for some reason has stopped. This is what he would recommend. I cannot find a link to the finished product but it is out there somewhere. I personally do not have either charger you have asked the question on. Good luck on your search.

Don’t take him too seriously, he usually deletes half of his posts. And by the way, he said a few days ago that the xp4 is the best charger to date, because he made a good review about it…

well i said so because among the plethora of cheap-a**ed China-made chargers it may well be the best charger *right now* i mean on the very current market. originally my review was negative, then i decided it was a good charger and rewrote it positive, but that's a long time ago and i cannot find the review anymore, s*cks.

yeah the thread has lost some momentum. nothing has stopped though. the future product is in the making and i've been keeping some forum friends in da lupa. and we're all excited about the development. please give it another 1-2 months for hard news (with fotos and such!).

coyote, dino, kitten, raccoon, squirrel, dog, all family. merry xmas! ;)

Charging is just a convenient side effect.

I want to get a Power Bank that I can use my good 18650s in and it needs to be over 1.7amps to charge my phone and should atleast be able to provide 3000mAh to match the phones battery capacity.

Saw the XP4 and WP2s and it fits. Decent charger that can do more than 1 at a time and it can charge my phone.

Just took me 1.5 days to recharge batteries for 2 lights. (3000mAh batteries @1amp; one at a time.)

I could just buy one of the 200,000,000mAh 1amp or 500mAh usb power banks off ebay for the same price as the WP2s.
Except it's highly unlikely that they will be the advertised capacity and even at 1amp my phone won't charge.