WTS: 47 lights for 800€ (Europe only) --SOLD--

edit: ALL GONE

Went through my stash and found 47 lights in their original packaging that get practically no use and I’m ready to let go.

Photo album on imgur

No warranty, since most are either bought from China or gotten as review samples. All of the lights are in perfect working order and most of them are as good as new. Some have had their LEDs swapped.

No batteries included.

Not sold individually. Only in batches of >120€.

You can reserve the lights for 24 hours, after which they’re listed for sale again unless payment is made.

The whole lot of 47 lights with a significant discount of nearly 50%: 800€ (plus 50€ if shipping is needed)

Shipping from Finland with tracking number is expensive (23-35€ depending on the size). Smaller lights can be shipped as untracked letter for 8.50€. I’ve marked them on the list with “letter”.

Astrolux S43S Cu 219C 20€
Eagletac D25LC2 219B 40€ letter
Eagle Eye X5R HI 15€ letter
Olight R50 Pro (4500K CRI80 shaved) 50€
Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie 40€ letter
Olight PL-2 Valkyrie 60€ letter
Olight S30R Baton 35€ letter
Olight H2R NW 50€
Olight S2A Baton 25€ letter
Olight S1A Baton 20€ letter
Olight S1A Baton 20€ letter
Thorfire TK4A 20€
Thrunite C2 18650 Powerbank 10€ letter
Thrunite TC12 V2 219B 30€ letter
Thrunite TN42 NW 120€
Vollsion MR12-D 25€
Olight H1 Nova NW 30€ letter
Wuben TO10R 25€ letter
Zanflare B3 30€
Zebralight H600Fd III 50€ letter

Acebeam EC50 GenII high CRI 50€ sold
Armytek Prime C2 Pro v3 (TIR swap) 30€ sold
Astrolux S43 219C 15€ sold
Emisar D4S V1 219C 30€ sold
Fireflies E07 SST20 30€ sold
Fireflies E07 219B 30€ sold
Fireflies ROT66 219B 40€ sold
Frelux Synergy 1 60€ sold
KDLitker C8.2 XHP35 HI WW 10€ sold
Klarus Mi7 20€ sold
Lumintop Worm Copper 219b 20€ sold
Lumintop IYP365 219B 10€ sold
Lumintop Tool Ti XP-G3 20€ sold
Lumintop Tool AAA 219c 15€ sold
Manker E02 219C 15€ sold
Manker E21 219c 15€ sold
Nitecore EC4SW 25€ sold
Nitecore MH20 NW 20€ sold
Noctigon Meteor M43 219C 60€ sold
Olight S1 Mini 25€ sold
Olight S1 Copper 50€ sold
Olight S1R Baton Turbo S 30€ sold
Wuben TO46R 30€ sold
YLP Gryphon G180 NW 40€ sold
YLP Escort T95 CRI 219C 20€ sold
Zebralight SC5Fc 30€ sold
Zebralight SC600w HI MK3 50€ sold


Subscribed to watch the feeding frenzy.

Wooow. Can I buy tool ti and worm copper?

Edit: if you decide to sell in pieces

I’ll take
Lumintop Worm Copper 219b 20€
Noctigon Meteor M43 219C 60€
Olight S1 Copper 50€

add Fireflies E07 219b and rot66.

I’d buy 6 if you’d ship to US.

Astrolux S43s copper

Emisar D4s

Fireflies E07 nichia (Silver)

Olight S1 copper

Both YLP lights

Reserved for fonfan.

Lumintop Worm Copper 219b
Noctigon Meteor M43 219C
Olight S1 Copper
Fireflies E07 219b
Fireflies ROT66

Not shipping outside Europe. You guys will be killed by shipping costs (50 € for a couple of lights, 70 € for a larger box)

Can you reserve it too?

No reservation for batches under 120 €.

OK, never mind then. Thank you.

Hi there

Zebralight SC5Fc 30€
Zebralight SC600w HI MK3 50€
Nitecore MH20 NW 20€
Olight S2A Baton 25€
Olight S1R Baton Turbo S 30€

Available later for shipping details through PM

I could be interested In the Astrolux S43 if you can sell individually, to Espoo :slight_smile:

Reserved for you and PM sent with payment details.

I’ll keep that in mind if it hasn’t been sold after a while.

Nitecore EC4SW 25€
Manker E02 15€
Lumintop Tool AAA 219c 15€
Astrolux S43 219C 15€
Olight S1 Mini 25€

only if that is 4K 90CRI
Fireflies E07 SST20 30€

if not already sold
Fireflies ROT66 219B 40€

Paypal in 2 minutes

Please read the first post.

I will consider individual lights or small batches later.

Its hard as the best offers like ROT66 + E07 CRI are already gone

Exactly like Lexel said

the funny thing is my unused stash looks just like this…i’d like to have the same sale here in the usa…but i just can’t let them go!!! good luck with the sale.