WTS 4P cell carrier boards

I have three each of positive and negative cell carrier boards for 4P conversion. They fit the Astrolux MF02 carrier, and were designed for the BLF GT carrier.
Picture of the boards:

Order details from JLCPCB

I’ll sell them for the cost of shipping, which should be just a small padded envelope.

Edit: forgot to add, the design is from Yokiamy’s GT>GT90 conversion, which is only one part of why I’m not selling these for any profit.

Final edit: All the boards are sold now :slight_smile:

Un-Final edit October 21, 2021: I have three spare “sets” of one positive and one negative now, because I’ve decided to modify my GT and I ordered another set of 5 of each from JLPCB.

Update: one set sold, one set (two of each board) remaining. As a reference point, shipping for the first set was $3.49

I’ll take them. PM me the payment info please.


Update: I once again have some of these boards. I have three “sets” of one positive and one negative board, and will sell them for shipping cost.

I’d like to buy two sets please -