(WTS) A Few Lights *OP Updated 10-26-16*

All sold, thank you.

What kind of offers do you accept? Trading offers? Purchase offers?…or both?

I am just here for the beam shots lol. How far away is the tree? The C8 does well against the others.

I’d rather them be purchased instead of traded…I bought a light yesterday that these need to pay for, lol :person_facepalming:

The tree line is right at 122 meters (400 feet) away.

OP has been updated with a few price changes and accessory additions.

All lights must go, I’ll entertain any offers you may have…we can haggle a bit.

If you’ll take $40 shipped for the V11R, I’m your man.

for V11R and EC11 - tell me the combined cost to mail to Maine - I’ll take them


I’m sorry but I’ve been eating the shipping a little too much here lately…plus I’m trying to recuperate some funds on a clearly “unneeded” :person_facepalming: purchase that I recently made.

V11R & EC11 Sold

Prices changed on all lights, free shipping is now included…US only.

No worries, all good. Glad you moved them. Good luck with the rest!

Prices changed, modded Convoy L6 with batteries at a good price.

Very tempting!! Must……control…….myself…. :person_facepalming:

what’s the estimated lumen output on the L6 now? did it change?

I believe it was 3800 with a stock L6 but this one has the newest bin XHP70 and a fet driver. I don’t have the tools to measure output.

another other information you can provide about the modification? I’m more of a lurker now and i’m not up on the driver knowledge

like a build thread or something so i can see how it functions and why you chose to do the mod.

i read the drjones website about the moppydrv

I chose to do the mod to get the most output from the XHP70 as possible. I figured a host of this size could handle everything that this led is capable of producing. With that in mind, I chose the highest binned XHP70 because it had more output than the one that came in the stock L6. A fet driver gives the led near direct drive performance from the batteries…meaning that the output is only limited by the resistance in the wires, spring, and things of that nature. The tail switch is nothing more than a lock out switch now. If you press the tail switch nothing happens, you have to use the side switch to turn the light on and cycle through the modes. You cycle through the modes by holding the side switch down…right now I have it set to a group of six modes and no mode memory. At any point you can click the tail switch and turn the light off. It will not come back on until you click the tails switch and push the side switch to turn the light back on.

In the L6 thread a similar L6 FET build pushed around 6000-7000lms