[WTS] Acebeam H40 SST-20 4000K headlamp / Rovyvon Aurora A3X Gunmetal Grey Nichia 219C

Sorry for the multiple edits. I have for sale an Acebeam H40 headlamp in SST-20 4000K. This is LNIB, I have only put it on once and it has no wear. It comes with a Vapcell 14500 battery (purple 650mah) and I applied DC Fix to the lens to smooth out the beam, but I can remove it if you like or leave it and you can decide, as it just peels off. (The beam is much nicer with it on IMO.) Also, this is the most current version with a 1 lumen “moonlight” instead of the original 5 lumens. Asking sold shipped to your door with the battery. https://photos.app.goo.gl/HwMx8yQrW7AwAMK59

I also have for sale a Rovyvon Aurora A3X Gunmetal Grey Nichia 219C - Comes with box etc., has a little typical keychain wear (ding near bezel as pictured). I charged it when I got it new and haven’t charged it since. Asking $20 shipped to your door. https://photos.app.goo.gl/S4fTfJ1bk8cpwENU6

What was?

Sorry for the confusing edits. It is an Acebeam H40 headlamp in SST-20 4000K, and it is still available.

I’ll take it, PM sent.

Hmm I’ll have to try DC fix on mine. I never use it because the hot spot is tiny.

Acebeam is sold. Added a Rovyvon Aurora A3X also for sale.

That's a good price for the Rovyvon.

If I didn't have one already, I'd probably order it.

Good luck with the sale!