WTS: Assorted modded lights: Olight, Convoy, Sinner

Hey everyone! I’m trying to thin the herd and could use some cash, so I’m selling a few of my less-used lights. Feel free to send a message if you have any questions or if you’d like more pictures! Prices include the Paypal fee, but not shipping. All lights are fully functional, with cosmetic condition as seen in the pics.

1. ($35) Convoy S8 with triple XP-L: there’s one 6500k LED (1C), one 4500k LED (4D), and one 3000k (7A), inspired by some of ToyKeeper’s builds. The overall light tint is a really nice slightly rosy neutral white. Solid copper spacer and 3-mode MTN-17DD driver with Carlco 10508 optic (XP-L mod by Richard at MTNelectronics). There are a few nicks and worn spots in the anodizing, mostly on the head and tail.

2. ($65) Sinner Cypreus Tri-EDC copper 18350 flashlight with triple dedomed XP-L 1A LEDs, MTN-17DD 6-mode driver, and Carlco 10507 optic. The copper has a natural patina. SOLD

3. ($65) Sinner Cypreus Tri-EDC titanium 18350 flashlight with triple XP-G2: each LED with a different tint as in the Convoy S8, but the tint is not rosy, just a creamy white (the neutral led is a 4C, not a 4D). BLF17DD driver, Carlco 10508 optic. The surface of the light has some shallow scratches. SOLD

4. ($55) Olight M22 Warrior flashlight, modded with a 3D XP-L HI. Replaced the nasty green Olight tint with a beautiful rosy neutral white. The factory-dedomed LED also increases the throw by 60-70% or so. Comes with box and all original accessories, as pictured. Mint cosmetic condition.

I’ll take the copper sinner.

Ooh, that ti sinner had me interested. Since it’s sold I’ll keep my money :smiley:


Ill take either 1 of the sinners if buyer backs out

Sorry guys, both Sinner lights are sold and shipped. Sounds like I should have held an auction! :wink: