WTS: BRAND NEW - Black Shadow Terminator T70 with new Sinkpads and U3's $100

Brand new version 2. Has less than a minute on it. I have two of these modded the same way. The mods are: 4 new Sinkpads with 4 new XM-L2 U3 emitters and the springs at the bottom are bypassed with 20 gauge wire for increased current carrying capacity. When I first bought this I was so impressed with it I immediately went out and bought another. The build quality is superb. The incredibly powerful driver is also very well designed. Built to last forever. You will love this light, everything about it! I hate to sell it but I'm collecting knives now too. The lanyard and operation manual are also included. CONUS only.

$100 PayPal, all inclusive, I will pay for all the fees and USPS Priority 1 - 2 day shipping.

Goodluck with the sale mate



Wow nobody wants this light… I would get it if money flows like a river into my account :bigsmile:
What I’ll do is install xhp70 in there! BTW do you think there will be dark spots in the beam if you did that? Or 4 overdriven MT-G2s in there is better?

Well, those little aluminum light cups are just perfect for the XML2. This thing casts a perfect circle of light an incredible distance. I thought my Supfire M60 M.E. Level II was bright, this thing is even brighter!

I have two left out of the seven I had. One guy came back and bought two more, and he already had one. And then another guy came back to buy one more. I too am surprised these have not been snapped up, here, of all places. Go figure...

After today or maybe tomorrow I'm going to go ahead and raise the price back up to 120. The other 5 sold on CL for 140 ea., my original price.

This thing at $100 is already an awesome bargain! I would have bought this if I wasn’t saving up for the SD75 hehe… we’ll see if this thing is still up for grabs I will get this from you :wink:

I thought heatsinking wasn’t good enough for MT-G2 or XHP70., not enough mass in the head? Plus it’s 1S4P so you’d have to run 8x 18350s.

It’s a good light I will agree, though!