WTS (Brisbane, Australia) - Convoy S21D 5700k, 4500k DD, S21E 5700k, T4 SST-20 6500k, Folomov Hero.

Selling, in Brisbane, Australia. Prices in AU$.
Pickup inner N Brisbane preferred as $12 postage will make the price close to just getting them from Convoy!
Convoy S21D 519A 8A 60 degree 5700k $20
Convoy S21D 519A 8A 60 degree 4500k dedomed (3700k) $20
Convoy S21E 519A 5700k purple AR glass $20
Convoy T4 SST-20 6500k $20
Folomov Hero XHP50.2 (includes 18650) $20.

Or all 5 for a pineapple $50 !

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I’m not in AUS, but want to point out you didn’t specify the emitter in your S21 series Convoys.

They are all 519a

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These are all still available!

That Hero look neat, GLWS!

Hi Stephen, what sort of price can you do on those two posted? (Postage via Australia Post should be $10 ) I’m in Adelaide. Cheers, David.

PM me if you like.

Thanks for the interest. I’m currently in discussions with someone else who has contacted me, but will let you know if that sale doesn’t happen. BTW, I think a small package is currently $9.70, but I usually approximate to $12 to cover the actual packaging as well.

Hi, okay, thanks.