WTS: Convoy C8 (matte ano) XHP50 w/2 xtar 18350 batteries SOLD

Convoy C8 (matte ano)
OP reflector
XHP50 CW on copper
With 2 xtar IMR 18350 batteries
Springs braided
Direct drive

Perfect but 1 gold mark on ano from factory at the head

UK only

£30 shipped

Price drop £25 - lowest it’s going including batteries!

How well does this throw with the XHP50?

Any idea what output it has?

And if direct drive only how long before its too hot to hold?

It’s not a great thrower it’s definitely a floodier light, but the reflector throws more than optics, but still well considering the reflector size
Output with 2 fresh IMR Xtar 18350’s is about 3000/3500lumens?
It’s uncomfortable hot at about 2 minutes

Is the driver not working as 1 mode?

Can it be fixed if so?

I would like it if it has a low mode so it can be used for more than 2 mins.

There is no driver, it’s direct drive :slight_smile:

Hi James

Do you have a BLF17DD driver with zener mod you could add to this, I’d pay £35 for it with a working good driver?

I don’t have one I’m afraid!

I’ll take it , will have to look for a driver at some point should still be fun to play with though :slight_smile:

PM your Paypal address

PM sent

Paypal sent

Will send tomorrow :slight_smile:

Torch landed today , waiting for it to go dark to play with it :slight_smile:


Have fun! It’s a bright one!