WTS - Convoy L4 modded with a 4000k XPG2

Convoy L4 4000k XPG2

  • Great medium range weapon light
  • 55k lux
  • 5A2 XPG2 Noctigon
  • Stock driver
  • Bypassed tail spring
  • AR lens
  • No damage or signs of use
  • Panasonic NCR18650PF 2900mAh included
    $40 shipped SOLD

    First post gets it. Will PM payment details afterwards.
    Shipped USPS priority. Continental US only.

Small price drop.

Added some beamshots. Though not the best since they were taken with a phone.

Also took down the broken C8. Worried that the extra size will complicate shipping.

I like really warm leds, that is one I do not have. I am trying to put together a set of P60’s so I can dial in the tint I really like and I do not have that one…

Where are you located? I am planning to build a blue triple, want to build one for the experience. So, I am not interested in buying one.


Bump and embedded pics for OP :):

Good advice. I’ve prettied up the op.

I got that from Mountain Electronics; I think he still sells them. You can also get the BLF A6 with the same tint, which I have. I wanted to get some comparison beamshots to the S2+ but the phone camera just wasn’t having it.

That was the first A6 I bought! So it is the 5A3, I was not sure which 5A it was. :slight_smile: And yes, I do love that tint!

Zeusray sold.

Price drop

How hard would it be to transfer the innards to another light like a blue S2+ or 18350 S2+?

Unscrew head, desolder wires on mcpcb, unscrew head retaining ring, pull out driver and spacer, take out mcpcb.
Repeat in reverse on blue host and bypass springs.

The pill should be directly swappable to any S2+ head. Just unscrew from one and put it into the other. No soldering required.

Added a new light.

I like, I climb.

S2+ sold.

I’ll throw in a NCR18650PF with this light.

Is it still with the stock driver? If not, what firmware or modes does it have?

Thanks Matt

Yes, stock driver. It’s a buck driver that does around 3 amps I believe.

I’ll take the Convoy L4. Thanks

I received the light today. Thanks for the promt shipping and nice light. I plan on mounting it to a pellet rifle. It should be a nice fit.