WTS Copper S2+ flashlight,smooth surface +copper 18350 tube for S2+

I just received this light and I had ordered it before I saw the checkered one and don't really want it. I paid $56.57 I would like that plus what ever shipping you prefer. If you are interested please let me know. Here are some pics


May want to discount some?
I can buy it brand new in box for $51 with free shipping…

Sounds fair how about $50 shipped conus. If someone wants the 18350 tube separate let me know.

So it’s $50 for both tubes and light and shipping? I’ll take it

i’ll need your paypal

address sent

What’s the tint & led?

just a guess, the label in the photo says V2-1A

I looked up a past copper convoy offering and there is an

I think that is a 6500-7000k LED

Got to find someone to make a samsung 4000k triple out of this

Sold guys sorry I should have said.

For some reason I like this copper s2+ smoothie better. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to the knurling on the other 12 s2’s i have. The 18350 tube weighs the same as some of my stock s2’s! Might keep it stock…for now. Thanks Chris. That’s another light off my list