WTS: Emisar D1

It’s black, with a clip. Scratched up but works perfectly.

Make me an offer price (open to trades like something EDC or headlamp)

Shipping from Los Angeles CA


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Hey hey, Ive got some trade lights I’d like to offer.

Wuben L50
Sofirn sc18
Wowtac A6
Wowtac w1
Maeerxu DF02 v1
Fireflies P01 & P03

I also have a sofirn D25L & LR Headlamps ill snag a photo when I’m home.

Wow these look cool. I’m a bit of a flashlight neophyte so I don’t know anything about any of those.

I think I’d like to narrow it down to small body, USB charging and highest lumens.

I am curious about the last 4. What is the middle brand and model and lumens and modes?

The DF02 - what are the lumens, modes? The light tint? Anything else to know about that one?

Those last two look nice. What is the tint, top lumens, lumens modes spacing? USB charging?


The Wowtac W1 5000k is a 16340 light with usb charging, moonlight turbo, nice mode spacing the DF02 is CW maybe 2000lms, runs on a 14500, UI is trickier but has moonlight, no usb charging. I may notnwant to part with that on this particular trade. The last two are Fireflies P01 and P03 the orange is 14500 and the red is 18350, both have tir lens aux lights, kind of goofy ui but they are noce classy lights, no usb.

Hmmm now iI really want a wurkkos TS25 or Sofirn IF23. Happen to have?

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I have Wurkkos and Sofirn, but not those models, Id be will to trade one of the usb onboard lights and one of my Sofirn headlamps.

You have the TS11?

Now looking for flashlight with rgb aux, high lumens, anduril

What model wurkkos and Sofirn you have?

Anyone else? Willing to sell at this point

Do you know what LED it has? I might be interested depending on the spec.

Couldn’t say. I bought this years ago and it seems discontinued. Looks on the neutral, cooler side

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COuld be this one: Emisar D1 Mini thrower - LED Flashlights

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That’s fair enough. Probably has 6500k or 5000k XPL-HI in that case, could you take a photo of the LED?

How does $40+shipping (domestic US) sound? It is approximately the price of a wurkkos TS11.

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Here it is: https://photos.app.goo.gl/XyNMAr8FWUYPSGze9

That sounds like a deal to me.

You can DM me for paypal

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That is definitely an XP-L HI
PM sent!

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