WTS: Emisar, Lumintop, Convoy, Wuben, Maratac...........Package deal.

Alright I have got to thin out some lights. I have way to many that sit around unused.

This is a package deal only. One price including shipping to the lower 48.

I will not split anything up. It’s just too much of a hassle to package each one and ship it.

No cells included.

$125 Shipped

Emisar D4v2 with 18350 tube and extra tailcap. I think there are XPL-hi in it, about 5000k or a bit cooler. Not super sure.
Lumintop EDC18L. Nichia 219c 4000k
Convoy S2. CW XML of some sort. Needs new driver.
Maratac Ti AA. CW emitter.
Wuben E05, I either put a 5000k Luxeon V2 in it or a 5000k LH351. Nice tint and beam though.
Lumintop EDC05 Stock NW
Niwalker Mini Max, Strange little light, Has a CW and WW emitter in it. Stock
2X Illumination L11C’s, 4 mode NW on both

All of the AA lights on here can run 14500 or NiMh

Would you ship to the UK?

I never have before but let me check the rate on it.

Looks quite expensive. Shoot me an PM with your address and I will take it down to the post office tomorrow and my nice mail lady will see how she can get it there the cheapest.

Still available.

PM sent