WTS: Fenix TK 35 ALL SOLD-Thanks guys.

Have one with the box and all including receipt. This is NIB as I have only turned it on twice and it has been in it's box since purchase. Have everything it came with. How about 80.00 shipped. Bought 1-15-2012.

How about 75.00 shipped. I won't go any lower though!

Great deal! The TK35 is many peoples favorite light from Fenix.

Maha is gone now.

Nice, that's the best charger you can get for your newly bought TK70. I use the maha 808 myself. Great charger!

Come on now guys and someone buy this TK 35 and then I am done. It will be off to buy that new pistol yet. Yes guys there are other compulsive disorders out there! LOL

I'd be basically interested in the 35 as well but I just bought a 47's X10 and the lights are too similar to justify the deal.

I agree with you on that. Someone will pick it up I hope as it is really a well made light. I like the TK 41 better because of having arthritis in my hands the side clicky of the Fenix works better for me.

Paypal sent. :)

Thanks Ben.

Got the TK35 today. Thanks a lot for fast shipping.

And I got my TK70 and Maha today. I thank you very much for the good deal and send greetings to TX!