WTS - Fenix TK51 - 4Sevens Maelstrom X7

- 4Sevens Maelstrom X7 - SOLD -User in good condition. Slight anno wear on grip ring. Cool white. Also comes with the original neutral white head. Had problem with neutral white head and
4Sevens sent out new head and said keep the old one. Head good for parts or fix. $40 - SPF

- Fenix TK51 - SOLD - 1800 lumen dual beam 2 XM-L2 cool white led. good condition - $ ? PM an offer -

All lights Continental US, Paypal, shipping included

I’ll take the D25A if it’s still available!

Whew, not sure how I missed this. I call next in line on the D25A if joebob ends up passing on it (assuming “problems” means electrical problem, not that it got run over by a big rig).

Eagtac D25A sold as per PM.

What comes with M2X?

i’ll take the x7

X7 2nd

Thanks Lou. I just got them. Tk51 is practically brand new.

Yes. I favored my TK 76 so that light was a draw queen.
New list $ 159
You got a “wicked” deal for sure.
If you want the plastic carry case it came with pm me. You pay shipping

Send a pic to my email. If it’s the one im thinking of, I might take it