[WTS] Fireflies E07 Ti / E07 Copper

E07 Ti XP-L Hi 5000K (Blue aux + purple button) 90€ 80€ + shipping
E07 Copper Osram (all Aux red) 80€ 70€ + shipping

A brand new, in its box, with everything it came with.

Only shipped to Europe

Accept offers by PM

Damn someone’s gonna come up on the Red AUX Copper BEAUTY. Wish this was a US sale. Very nice lights.

Which Osram leds are in the E07 copper, NM1 or PM1? Is the copper tarnished?

I want the red aux one so bad ...but im in the states.

I’m not sure about the leds

Copper is naked, without coating

Thanks for the useful photo. These are PM1 or WhiteFlat2 with 2mm² led die.

:+1: :slight_smile:


Last Up! Then I will remove them from the sale :stuck_out_tongue: