WTS: Flashlights bundle / open to trade too

Hi everyone

selling some of my flashlights because of emergency case.

Selling these as a bundle only and I will not split anything

some of these are ultra rare. I paid very high premium prices for these

these cost me 1465$ with shipping cost and pay pal fees!

Asking 1000$ net to me

Everything is Brand New in the box unless I say otherwise..

1. Peak Eiger Ultra Brass Nichia 219B 4500k with Momentary switch and throw optic and it can take any kind of batteries even 10440 li-ion for much brighter mods. X 1

2. Maratac AA Aluminum black xpg 2 X 1

3. Maratac AA Titanium xpg 3 X 1

4. Zebralight SC52 L2 AA Cool White X 1

5. Zebralight SC600w ll L2 NW it can take any 18650 batteries protected or unprotected beautiful NW tint X 2

6. Custom Maglite Quad nichia C 4000k really work of art and very unique. It's made from a used Maglite and it takes 1* 18650 or 1* 22650 ! 3500-4000 Lumens! X 1

7. Malkoff MDC NW XPL it has scratches from the factory (it's normal all my malkoff have these scratches)never used still inside the box it's came with X 1

8. Jetbeam E10R XPL Hi CW rechargeable flashlight X 1

9. Astrolux S41 Copper and Aluminum xpg3 X 1

10. Egaletac d25c Titanium Nichia219b 2014-2015 version X 1

11. Olight i3t Copper limited Edition X 1

12. Foursevens Penlight Orange Body Color no box but new it's how I bought it and received it X 1

13. Astrolux and Manker A01 nichia 219B. I have 5 pieces

I ship only by Aramex or DHL these the only shipping method available

I will pack everything with the best of my ability

Once the package is out of my hands it's your responsibility and I will try to give you tracking number

No return No refund.

buyer pay for shipping and pay pal fees

wow this is a really heavy ask: $1000 no splitting… who’s gonna throw $1000 at this?

What country are you in at least?

I am sorry to hear you have the need to sell the lights.

I do suspect you would have an easier time selling them individually. I'd also recommend posting pictures if possible.

Best of luck.

No Pictures—No Country of Origin —- Budget Light Forum—- Good Luck

No need to know my country. Buyer is going to know where i'm from (I like privacy). Pictures later

You are NOT kidding

I will try and give you the benefit of the doubt.

Interested in the Eagletac!

You may want to re-read the OP, he wants to sell everything for 1000$ and does not want to split.

I’d say, good luck with your sell Nichia

Once you post pics, you MIGHT have a chance...

But selling a $1000 bundle of flashlights on BLF isn't going to be easy.

Good luck with the sale!

All for $1000.00 dollars?

I have an A- in reading comprehension. If you didn’t catch the drift of the thread the bundle wont sell. I now have dibs on the Eagletac!

Yes. 1000$ + shipping cost and pay pal fees.

Sorry for the typos! I was typing very quickly and I wasn't paying attention for what I was writing!

I’m sorry about your emergency situation, but like others have said, it’s gonna be hard to sell this as one package for $1000 here. Perhaps you can find a re-seller to sell them for you (each separately)? Then, you’d still just have to “sell” them, and I guess more importantly ship them, to one person. How about doing something like a group buy? Find a partner to do all the work, and maybe give that person some of the money or a free light for coordinating it all, and let them be sold individually here (or in a new thread).

You can do what you want. U or any other person here can do the group buy. All l want is to sell everything as a bundle and get the money 1000+ shipping and fees and then they can split everything between them like they want


Please Note

these are brand new never opened until now! I will tell the buyer more details in pm's about each one

I will include 2 lights for free 1 is 18650 and the other is AAA for free!

Link to pics in high resolution


I’d like to have the copper penlight once we shift to piecemeal, but I’m betting it’s a NON-US seller.

Would love to add the Cula Mag to my tiny collection of Cula lights.