WTS: Free lights, postage cost only (UK) SORRY ALL GONE NOW

Hi folks, Time to clear out the cupboard a little and make room for new arrivals…

These lights are all cheap to cover postage (1st class RM) and paypal fees, I’m not trying to make a profit, just need rid of them and would rather someone else had some use for them.

£5. Convoy S2+ Sand colour. T4-7A. Never used, bought out of curiosity. Comes with pouch.

£3. Empty Convoy S2+ host black comes with pouch

£5. Fenix HP15 head torch. Takes 4 x AA, has flip up diffuser and extension lead to use battery pack on belt.

£5. Eagletac GX25A3, a long time ago I tried to solder in a different LED, it worked but I slightly melted it. Interface a bit dodgy as it uses strange pogo pins and twisty head for modes.

£1 26650 to 18650 adapters, I use this in my Astrolux FT03 but have spares.

Paypal only please, I will endeavor to dispatch next day. Thanks, Sam

Looks like a great deal for someone in the U.K.

Good luck with the sale!

I’d take the convoy S2+ sand color if willing to ship to belgium, I’ll be happy to pay any extra shipping costs.

I’d like the Eagletac and the empty Convoy please.
And if you decide not to ship to Belgium the sand coloured S2+ too please :slight_smile:

Damn! Few minutes too late
I’ll back up Convoy’s and Eagtac

Yes I can ship to Belgium, I will PM you.

Thanks, I’ll send PM.

I’ll take the Fenix, shipped to my son in the UK too. He’ll need it.

Payment made

that’s a better giveaway than most companies on here…pretty awesome contributor here

All items shipped, please leave feedback when you get them :partying_face:

Sure, and thanks! :beer:

Yep and he even refunded me part of what I paid because shipping was cheaper than expected! That’s very generous…. Thanks dude

Got my bits, and a coupla extra bits, veeeery happy :smiley:

Received the package today sooo happy. Thanks again for this.

After some mix-up in the receiving office mailroom, the Fenix HP15 headlamp and battery adaptors finally show up though shipped by the generous giver only 2 days after this thread was posted:

Thank you Big_Sam !