WTS - LED Lenser V2 Dual-Color, Ultrafire CREE Q5 Sipik 68 clone, No-Name Flood-to-Throw CREE P4-WC 3-Mode Headlamp

Thank you guys so much for welcoming me to the forum. I’m looking to clear out some lights that I just don’t see a need for now that, thanks to you guys, I’m much better educated about what I actually need. Cheesy dining-room table pictures included!

LED Lenser V2 Dual Color - Model number 880040. 3AAA. Neat little light. Great size, rated at 125 lumens, has red LED mode to preserve night vision. Are you into lights with multiple batteries and switches? I’m not. $15 shipped USPS First Class to CONUS.

Ultrafire CREE Q5 Sipik 68-style - 1AA. I doubt I have to tell anyone what this is. Hate the square beam when it zooms in. Hate it. $5 shipped USPS First Class to CONUS.

No-name headlamp from DX - CREE P4-WC, 3 modes. Dreaded square beam when zoomed in, silver bezel, two things I can’t live with. Absolutely love how comfortable the headband is and how you can tilt the light as needed. Very positive clicks when tilting the light, stays fixed at chosen position. 3AAA. Very surprising for the cost. $10 shipped USPS First Class to CONUS.

As always, all of these prices are negotiable. Send me a message. Take it all for $25, too. Payment via PayPal only, please. I’ll cover the fees. All of these lights are in brand-new condition and have rarely been used outside of basic playing around with inside the house.

And seeing as how I’m new here, I’ll gladly send you a link to my eBay, AR15.com and Gunbroker feedback if you wish. Thanks for looking!

Go ahead, make an offer, worse I can do is say no!