WTS: Lumintop FW3A x 2 for SALE - $30 EACH shipped

I have two of these for sale. They are the NW SST20.

Comes in original box (no manual) and are brand new.

Making room for an Emisar D4V2

$30 EACH shipped or $50 for both in CON US.

I cannot post photo from Google Photos so here is the link for photos:

Google Photos

are these the v2 firmware (mainly i want the muggle mode fixed):>?


Just curious...

Are you in California or Florida?


And I agree, that is a bargain for someone.

I sent you a PM


no idea. They were bought from Amazon

Still available?

I have a Lumintop FW3A but I was not aware there was ever a problem with Muggle Mode.

What is the problem with Muggle Mode on the FW3A?

Per this post from ToyKeeper, there was a serious problem with Muggle Mode in the first batch of the Emisar D4v2 which required re-flashing the firmware to fix it: