[WTS] New Panasonic Protected NCR18650A 3.7V 18650 Battery 3100mAh - 2 Pack (22 Available)

All sales suspended pending battery testing/authentication. Results will be posted in this thread.

I think you forgot to include the link?


Link added. Also updated with price.

Aren’t these selling for $14 on FT.

It appears so; however, you should weigh the $3 difference against 30-60+ days in transit, dealing with DOA over seas, and then the possibility of customs returning to sender.

$3 is pretty fair imo for US sourced panny 3100s.

I understand where your coming from :slight_smile:

Has anyone purchased from this seller, I need a couple of new batteries.

As an aside, I also accept PayPal and Amazon Payments, for those that are uncomfortable with Square Marketplace.

I just ordered a pair from NobleX. I was a little concerned with sending money through this Square Market thing, and to a relatively new poster on BLF, so I asked if Paypal was alright.

Sent my money through, had a tracking number WITHIN AN HOUR! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Edit: and a picture of my package just as proof that he is for real!

Very trustworthy! I’ll definitely buy more batteries from Noble once I have flashlights to put them in!

Now accepting offers! I really need to get these sold and pay off the credit card I charged them to. Not looking to turn a profit here; just break even. I ship these same day whenever possible.

pm sent

Updated OP with photos.

new pm sent

I am a little confused on the prices. Is the price per battery, or for a pair? How many of the cells come in the little white box?

Pricing is per pair, each box contains two batteries. On the advise of a fellow forum member I am having these cells authenticated and tested. In the mean time all sales are suspended.

OK. Thank you.