WTS P60 drop-in Nichia 219 1.4A, with programmable driver

I had a Nichia 216 from IlluminationSupply left (I reflowed it to a 16mm board), also an old empty OP drop-in, and a NANJG101 which I flashed with my custom firmware (lupodrv), so I thought I could make a drop-in and sell it.

It's special because it has a high-CRI LED with great color rendering and a very customizable (programmable) driver. If you are a tint snob and a UI snob, then this is for you.

Threads on the Nichia:

About the driver UI:
It comes with 5 modes predefined (Moon - Low - Med - High - Strobe), but you can change every mode, the number of modes, and the memory type (no-memory, normal memory, short-cycle memory).
Details and manual are here: lupodrv

27 USD including international shipping.

I like Ned mode

I need a light with ned mode. Ned is cop slang here for petty criminal - allegedly it’s an acronym for Non-Educated Delinquent though I suspect that is a backronym.

Ned mode would have to be the sort of mode that breaks windows and leaves litter and broken glass in its wake. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Nice to see you back Don.

Dr Jones can you post outside beam shots against other leds.

A picture is a thousand words.

If there is no one before me.
I want that drop-in you will make.
please PM me your paypal address.

Payment and address sent.


If you make another I will purchase one. I was looking for this exact drop in but didn’t think if be able to make myself.

It seems I need to make some more…
I’ll order some more Nichia LEDs etc, so it will take some time…

If someone else is interested, post or pm me, so I can get an idea of the demand.

I’d like one… or two…

I have received p60 nichia drop-in today,
Thank you DrJones.

Picture of the drop-in and diffuser film

I have Ultrafire XML-U2 drop-in, I do a comparison shot with U2 (medium mode) and 219 (high mode).
219 high mode shot:

U2 medium mode shot:

I would like a couple as well, thanks, Terry

yes please I would love one! :bigsmile:

Got the parts for 8 drop-ins (I had ordered when I had 5 reservations) and already reflowed the LEDs.
List of reservations:
jcwarren (1)
R* (2) (by PM)
texaspyro (2)
carmantl (2)
baterija (1)

Since I had to order every part (and couldn’t use parts I had lying around) I’d like to charge 23 USD per drop-in; international shipping and PayPal fee is 6 USD. Add 3 USD if you want tracking. I’ll also add a small piece of d-c-fix diffuser film for the drop-in.

Please post or PM if you still want them.

If there’s more interest I can order parts for another run.

Still in :smiley:

I am interested in one for the next run (or if someone backs out)! What’s the emitter lumens output at 1.4amps?

Also interested in more of the lupodrv drivers if you got more in.

Me two…

I would still like 2 thanks please PM with paypal info

I’m still in. I already sent pm

I finished the first drop-in for measurements (OTF):
Flux is about 300lm, intensity/throw is 5.7kcd/150m.
Flux is a tad lower than what cool white XP-Gs give, throw is lower than my best XP-G measurements (e.g. 1.4A, smo, 7.5kcd/170m) due to the OP reflector.

I'll finish the remaining drop-ins in the next days.

DJ, do you solder wires to the stars and then attach that to the drivers? It seems like it would be easier to do it the other way around. (That's the way I always did it)