WTS: Real CREE XP-G emitters. as low as 20 cents each!

EMITTERS for sale… (message me for information)

Cree XLamp XP-G Series 4.9W 4500K LED Warm White XPGWHT-01-0000-00GE4

prices… (all payments by Paypal)

the BULK price (50+ emitters)? is .20 cents each… thats 5 for a dollar.

2 for a dollar (50 cents each) = less than 10 emitters
3 for a dollar (33-1/3 cents each) 10+ emitters
4 for a dollar (25 cents each)) = 25+ emitters
5 for a dollar (20 cents each) === 50+ emitters

HOW TO REFLOW video… the easy way!

so far, over 1200+ have already shipped out worldwide. real shipping costs thus far is down to 4.16…

yes, you read that right…

you can buy 50 xp-g emitters, shipped to your door in the US, for 14.16
you can buy 100 xpg, shipped to your door in the US, for 24.16

my intention in doing this? Honestly, i just wanted to get a “nice sized handful” of the emitters on my shelf, for future playing… to get the low price, though… i had to buy a lot of them… so? I got what i wanted, and i am selling the rest at almost “cost” if you buy them in lots of 50+

My reasoning is this… everyone complains about all the fake emitters in all the cheap lights. This way?? I am temporarily flooding our market with real CREE emitters, to hopefully replace multi-emitter lights, for example. Not to mention, xp-g was always a decent performer in a 68 or a 98. the 2A max for a copper thermal board with an xp-g, is pretty reasonable for the 68 or 98 platform.

at as low as 20 cents apiece? I say “stock up !” and get 50 or a 100 put away, and worry about “what” to do with them for future projects later. do several soda can multi emitter lights? maybe a light bar or work light… with spares put back for a few zoomies later on.


International shipping available!

Reel #1 = Out of 1000 emitters, 985 are shipped and 0 are pending shipping soon.
15 left on the reel
Reel #2 = Out of 1000 emitters, 350 are shipped and 0 are pending shipping soon
650 left on the reel

shipped Reel #1

SWIB (100) * PM me if your shipment had issues
StaticX57 (50) Paid
Lightrider (200) Paid

CALEB (50) Paid
Tru3s1Lv3r (50) Paid
Lightbringer (55) Paid
vwpieces (50) Paid
Teacher (100) Paid
Gunga (50) Paid

- MILESTONE: I am now fairly comfortable and “accurate” shipping domestically, and can somewhat accurately predict shipping costs

yclongthrow (50) Paid

snakebite (50) Paid
Boaz (20) Paid
C11MAN (100) Paid
sac02 (50) Paid

- MILESTONE: I discovered all my domestic shipping HAD a tracking number, it was “buried” in the 172 lines of fine print my post office wastes the ink printing around the really important information, a tracking number being a prime example

Hunter (+10 Bonus)

Reel #1 END - 15 left over - Reel #2 BEGIN

Hunter (50) Paid
Clemence (100) Paid
Valor (100) Trade MILESTONE: first “trade”!

Gisewhcs (50) Paid
Lazy-R-us (50) Paid

Do you know their tint?

i think “on the warmer side of neutral” or something like that… i am not a tint expert.

My emitters are on their way:)
I plan to update the lighting in the garage. Upgrade some cheep zoomie lights. Make an outdoor floodlight for the driveway. And mod a cheep light bar.

What’s the flux bin? This is xpg not xpg2?

Shipping to Canada?


canada? why not…

if you tell me what address to send it to, you are already paying the “real” envelope-postage… I honestly dont care “where” it goes? I just care that i can do it at the post office, lol.

LightRider said:
“Ya. It’s an r4 brightness bin. 130lumens at 350ma.”

“Yes exactly. 2amps is max. Anymore and you start losing output because of its low ability to handle heat. So 1.5-2amps is a safe range.”

I’ll take a hundred. Paypal OK??

Edit: PM sent

Vancouver,BC, Canada?

For 50 LEDS?

GUNGA was the “test” for overseas shipping.

The post office employee would NOT give me the “couple dollar” first class overseas rate, it cost somethng ridiculous like 9 or 10 dollars.

I popped the couple bucks out of my own pocket, just because i was curious…. they claim the cheap rate is only for “paper thin” envelopes and the emitters are over 1/4” or something…

which makes international shipping back to too expensive… although if a bulk order is worth it to you, i will do it.

Received 200pcs today:)
Every thing looks good at first glance. They appear to be genuine. Hopefully I can get to using them soon.
Thanks Sedatar! Glad you brought us this service!

Whups… don’t forget to tick my entry. I don’t want to be known as the class deadbeat. :smiley:

My 100 LED’s were waiting on me when I arrived home the other day from a trip.
Thank you for the great buy and the smooth as glass transaction………. :+1:

So tempting… glad to see the good response. This is quite a deal.

i will take 50
need paypal address.
pm sent

Is this the kind of stuff I rub on my gums to check its quality? If so I will take 100 of the good stuff

i was tempted to get 100 but dont think i would use that many before they were completely outdated.
i am sure others can make better use rather than sitting in my obsolete parts box.
all those purple latticecraps that need replacing are getting their eviction notice.
not every day someone gets a deal on a whole reel of crack leds and spreads them around.

i was tempted to get 100 but dont think i would use that many before they were completely outdated.
well, define “outdated”. in the middle of the “xml2” craze (when i got here couple years back) I would see threads where someone was showing off their “classic xml” that must have been some special bin and ran HIGH amps. For lower power applications? many times the difference is academic.
i am sure others can make better use rather than sitting in my obsolete parts box.
well, in my case? I wanted a “fistful” to basically sit in a baby food jar “at that price”.Idea being that when i figured what to DO with some? they are there. If i wanna buy a cheap multiemitter? and see about replacing 12 saladbrughts? baby food jar! i wanna make xmas gifts with cheap 68 lights? baby food jar! under every shelf lighting? one guy said i should make light bars.i’m thinking bout fiddling to make lights to replace my basement lights. i wanna try to make “pucklights” and maybe a “perfect fishing lantern”. For THESE uses? they are perfect.

all those purple latticecraps that need replacing are getting their eviction notice.
Thats the spirit! I have been LOOKING at cheap light bars? to get “real” emitters is REAL expensive. Same giant light bar? with cheepies? really inexpensive… i can make a CREE light bar for next to nothing over the cost of the generic one.

not every day someone gets a deal on a whole reel of crack leds and spreads them around.
I know,lol… everytime i *think*about making a light bar or a lantern or cabinet lights? I cant justify spending several dollars on every LED.what if i blow 10 of them learning what i am making? once you want to just “play”? cost stops you on multi emitter projects

so yeah, you know how you “see that about as often as a unicorn”phrase?

Well… i guess i am breeding unicorns,ha ha.

seriously though, theres another reel… and the guy i bought them off of? contacted me recently… i might be able to get some more of these, apparently this happened because of something to do with stuff left behind in a big warehouse, that rents subdivided space… and the renters sometimes “subdivide” their big “subdivision” to others…

apparently,my 2 reels were some of the only things they knew what they were… I think i am gonna take a trip, and see what i can get.

if this works out, i plan on flooding our little market with whtever i get…

these things arent THAT outdated… they re perfect for multiemitter projects, and, for replcing blue sald brites in multiuemitter setups.

iknow i plan to make a “worklight”… so,the more the merrier.

i figure we can all put them on our shelf. PLus? at least ONE overseas guy liked the idea? but int’l shipping is too expensive…if i get any more of these, i might see if he wants a whole REEL, because it should be cheap for HIM to send them to other guys on his continent…

my new hobby? “breeding unicorns”,haha

if i DO manage to get more? i am thinking about reflowing them onto inexpensive stars… reason being? only guys that reflow at home get to have fun now… if i can provide them on cheap stars? then anyone that can unscrew a light can have fun too…

i’m just having fun off of working all summer…

Still available? I’d like 50.