WTS Sinner custom Titanium 18650 XP-L triple HCRI 80 3000K

18650 not 18750

Bought this a few weeks ago was a XPG2

Swapped in a Copper MCPCB with HCRI 80
XPL 3000K it’s warmer then what the pictures show.

BLF17DD driver 5 modes (ML, L,M,H, turbo 30s) W/memory

Carclo clear narrow modified for XPL domes

Will also come with

Carclo narrow frosted modified for XPL domes

2 glow stickers from (Gunga) to put behind the optics

1 green

1 Aqua blue

Light will have a fresh polish on it before shipped.

Has 3 tool marks that I can see

Asking $300 now $280 shipped & paypal’d

First I’ll take it followed by paypal


Gunga Glow Sticker

I did a wanna be McGizmo on the SS clip

Rounded the tip


Bump I can email pictures not sure why they aren’t showing up here

https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/15452 ;)

I am honestly unsure how to post pictures with photobucket. I always use imgur.


Updated look.

is this still for sale?

This advert is over 3 years old. I can’t say for sure whether it’s still for sale, or even if the seller is still active on here, but it’s highly unlikely and i wouldn’t let a lack of response stop you from purchasing something else.

he logs in twice a year…i figured he’s over due

Last seen: 3 years 8 months ago
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From that I get that he hasn’t been on since June of 2015……
Joined in Feb, listed light in April… Hasn’t logged in since June…2015

Doesn’t make him a bad person. Maybe he’s been busy. Or convicted.