WTS: Sky Ray King NW (Gold version), Trustfire J12

Hi all,

Selling my J12 5-XML LED torch. Will include 2x26500 Li-ion batts. Also, I swapped out the stock lens for an AR-coated lens so you get more light through the lens. This cost me an extra £10 which I am including with the sale price.

18650 adaptor tube is also included. Also included is an extension for running 3 lithium ion cells.

The torch is 5 modes: High, Med, Low, SOS and Strobe.

I am asking for £50 including delivery for the J12 torch and 2X26500 Lithium ion cells. It’s slightly higher to make up for the import tax i had to pay.

Pics: Trustfire J12 - Album on Imgur

Also selling a neutral white SKy Ray King, Gold version.

Asking for £40 shipped in UK to cover the import tax.

Please ask for pics but I assure you, its in mint condition! Would prefer both torches to sell with in UK.

thanks for reading!

I the King has the old (buck) driver and the T6 3C XM-Ls, I’m interested - but I’m in Germany…

Let me get back to you by PM about the shipping costs. and yes, it does have the old buck driver and the T6. Got it from cnquality

King sold!

J12 still here!


Price drop to £40 for J12

make me an offer? trades?

Still here