WTS: Small Oval Split Rings (4x8x1.5mm) - SOLD OUT

PMs incoming. Almost gone, down to 35 now. I suppose I could do another/larger order if there is more interest.

PP sent,

Thanks HBomb for this great deal.

I didn’t really need these, but for $4 I now have a lifetime supply of really good split rings :bigsmile: .

I’m sure I’ll find a way of using them up sooner than I think.

As of 4:15pm Mountain Time, you list 15 remaining. If you’ve still got them I’ll take them. I’ll PM as well. THANKS - ck

Those went fast! That’s all of them. This can function as an interest thread for another order. Post if you’d want some more, and we can see if it’d be worth doing agian.

I would buy some

They might link well enough to make a shirt of chain mail. :crown:

They all went out today just now. Sorry for the heart stamps, they were from the lady working the counter. She suggested a 21 cent surcharge for the envelopes being lumpy, but she said we could try them without so I skipped it. I hope they get to everyone ok. They’re the rings with packing tape on paper. If there is a round 2, I can factor in that surcharge next time.

I would like 20 if/when you get more.


I would do 50

Put me down for 50.

I’d be in for 50.

You can change mine from 20 to 50, they are cheap and will come in handy down the road.

Thanks Mr.Bomb for organizing this. :slight_smile:

One use that I’ve found for these is attaching one to each key or whatever on your keyring helps everything to flatten out, everything can turn sideways easier therefore they sit more comfortably in your pocket whether you use suspension clips or not.

They are great wherever you want less of a “footprint” on stuff you carry. Particularly good on the end of a 550 Paracord lanyard.

I might go for 10-20.

Did you tape the rings to a single index card or also placed a second card on top of them?
Lumpy causes a nonmachinable surcharge but as long as it not lumpy a standard envelope can be up to 1/4 inch thick. A couple index cards should good enough.

Sizes for Letters Physical Standards for Commercial Letters pdf

These little rings are much smaller then a key, overall the envelope would still be flexible.

I folded a piece of printer paper and taped them on the inside of it. Kind of like my first photo with a piece of packing tape over the sets of 10. I was telling her it was still flexible and I bent it them in front of her. I also had my BLF moment and busted out my flashlight and shined it through the envelope to show here what they were. She said we could try it without the charge, so I hope people can report when they get them.

The machines can be rough at times. They shoot through at a very high speed. The little rings might have a chance of wearing away thin paper. I would recommend an index card in front and back. Also the post office has large tyvek envelopes provided free for priority mail, sometimes I cut some tyvek to line an envelope.

Got mine today, thanks! Little suckers sure are hard to put on…. :slight_smile:

@Halo - thanks for the advice on cutting up the free materials. Maybe I can do that.

@shimey - Thanks for the report. Glad they made it. Some split ring pliers may help if you need to do a lot of them (Industrial Split Ring Pliers | Fisherman’s Split Ring Pliers)

Im in for 50

I bought a pair a couple of years ago, never fear taking things off or putting them on a split ring again, the smaller the ring the more fiddly it is but some of the larger ones have a bit of spring to them.