WTS: Small Oval Split Rings (4x8x1.5mm) - SOLD OUT

I got some new suspension clips (BLF threads 1 and 2) and wanted some attachment split rings. Rather than pay $10 for 100 on amazon, I decided to put in a bulk order directly from the manufacturer, Worth Company, and spread the savings on BLF. They are a nice company to work with, by the way, if you ever need large orders.

From their website:

X2 Oval Power Rings are 50% stronger than similar fine sized round split rings, making them the strongest ring available anywhere. Their unique oval design is also self-centering to keep the “gap” at the side.

These rings are made from a unique magnesium alloy, which is stronger than stainless steel, and they are finished with military-grade zinc plating for protection against corrosion.

Length:.315 in / 8 mm
Width:.158 in / 4 mm
Thickness:.059 in / 1.50 mm
Wire Diameter:0.028 in
Material and Finish: Zinc-Plated Steel

Here are the sale terms:

Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 10

I plan on just taping these to some paper or an index card and putting them in a stamped envelope with no guarantees about delivery.

If you want insurance or international shipping or something, we can work it out if you want to pay for the added features.

I bought 500 for around 5 cents each after shipping, and will update the available inventory in post 1.

Prices (USD): 0.05 per ring + 0.50 to cover a CONUS stamp (probably up to 150 rings) + 1.00 to cover materials (envelope, bewildered wife wondering why I am counting so many tiny split rings, etc.) and PP fees.

Payment: Paypal with info via PM. Open to BLF members who joined prior to February 28, 2015.

Some example orders
10 rings: 0.50+1.50s&h = 2.00
20 rings: 1+1.50s&h = 2.50
30 rings: 1.50+1.50s&h = 3.00
50 rings: 2.50+1.50s&h = 4.00
100 rings: 5+1.50s&h = 6.50

Available Inventory: 475 405 185 165 15 0

Interest in another round:
Round 2:
Available:180 130 100 90 40 50 0 small rings SOLD OUT
Larger rings: SOLD OUT ($9 for 100 on amazon, cheaper there than the small rings, just fyi)

Add 0.25 and a note if you want the surcharged hand sorting stamp for shipping.

I’ll take 50, PM me the details :slight_smile:

ill take 20

PMs incoming

PayPal sent for 50 oval rings, thanks!

PM sent for 50 rings.

Pm me the details please. I’d like to get some (20).

I’ll take 30 but I’m in Canada

Hello, I would like 50, please PM info, and thanks for the offer!

I’ll take 50, please PM payment info.
PP payment sent.


I’ve wanted some for awhile but I don’t even know what I would do with ’em! :~ :bigsmile:

I'll take 20. Lemee know.

PMs incoming.

@Halo - besides keychain stuff I hear they’re good for replacing hooks on fishing lures and the like.

Paypal sent....thanks !

I’ll take 20. PM incoming.


I’ll take 20 if you have any left :open_mouth:

Pp sent and thank you.

20 please, if you’ve got any left…

Edit: PP sent and many thanks!

I’d like 30 please, and
pp sent, thank you