WTS: Solarforce L2 with LC-XP G R5 3 mode drop in

  • Item: Used Black Solarforce L2with LC-XP G R5 3 Mode drop in
    • Purchased in July 2011. The light shows some wear but functions fine. I just need to down size my (small) collection.
    • Drop in is 0.8V to 4.2V 3 mode with orange peel reflector.
    • The tail cap is a reverse clicky. Click all the way to turn on and soft press while on will let you switch modes.
  • Price: $25 shipped in the US
  • First to PM me gets the right to purchase
  • Acceptable trade offers: 123 primary or RCR123a 3.7V rechargeable batteries (new of course). Or a RCR123a charger for my AW 3.7V cells.
  • I take paypal
  • Will ship outside of US if you pay for shipping
  • I will ship either USPS or UPS depending on cost. You can pay extra for faster or preferred shipping.
  • You will be responsible for insurance.
  • Tracking or delivery confirmation fees will be paid by buyer if requested

Can you post pictures please? If this is the light I am thinking it is I will trade.

updated OP with pictures.

What did you want to trade?

I was hoping it had the tail cap without the nipple so it could tail stand, sorry. It's a great deal and I love that drop in I have 2 of them and would love another. Bump for a great deal.