WTS: SOLD Convoy S2+ UV + 18650 Sanyo *UK Only*


Black Convoy S2+ UV , using the LG LED and Black Filter Lens.

hardly ever used, comes with a very low used 18650 Sanyo Battery!.

£14 Shipped Please.

  • UK Only *


Nice deal. Gonna make somebody very happy. :person_with_crown:

thanks man.

I was away from home and when I got home on Friday I had a package waiting for me with the convoy light. While the light works as it should and doesn’t show any signs of wear and tear and the battery cell is as advertised I am a bit disappointed in that it is not an S2+ as advertised but it’s an S2. I was counting on it to be an S2+ as I wanted to put the LED, driver and lens in a purple S2+ shorty and convert the black S2+ into a triple (I already have the copper pill spacer for it). This kinda screwed my plans up as I doubt I can use the copper pill spacer in the S2.
I do like the light but the OP is definitely misleading which could be (and I think is) an honest mistake.

Just to be sure: how do you know you got an S2 and not an S2+?

The difference lies in the lenght and threads of the head (the S2 head is a bit longer) wherel:
the S2 has a long reflector and a short pill.
the S2+ has a short reflector and a long pill.

BTW: the black S2+ does NOT have a metal switch! Only some colored variants do.

I haven’t opened it up yet, but it says so on the tube.

There is always a (slight) chance this is the result of sloppy lego-ism.

Anyway, if you really have an S2, you have the head with cooling fins.
So maybe your cloud just got a silver lining.
Because this head is a tiny bit longer, and you have some extra room for modifications.

I’ll have a look at it. Like I said I do like the light and I m not gonna make a big thing out of it, just thought I’d mention it.