I want to sell one of my spare lights to fund a new light. Overspent my light budget last month so I told the wife I would sacrifice one for the new light.

It is brand new in the box. It has only been out one time. I took it out to test it to make sure there wasn’t any problems and I turned off the lighted switch in programming so it just indicates and doesn’t stay on all the time. I can put it back to factory setting if you prefer. I bought it as a gift but that friend bought one before I could give it to him and I remember him saying he didn’t like the switch on all the time and the light flashing for batt check so I turned those off. So right now the switch only lights up for battery check. Again, easily changed back if you prefer. After that it was put back in the box and has been sitting in the drawer for the last 3 months or so.

I see them with the coupons going from $45 to $50 from the normal sources. I will sell this one for $50 and that will include Priority Shipping to the lower 48. That means you will get it in 3 to 5 days instead of 2 to 3 weeks.

First I’ll take it with a PayPal payment to follow it gets it. If you get it to me before tomorrow by 4pm CST it will leave my post office that evening to the sorting center.

This is a pic of the one I use daily so never mind the dust and used look. The one you get is still wrapped up in it’s box ready for a new home.

I’ll take it…

PM sent.

You got it. PM replied sir.

Payment sent. Responded in PM.

Got it. As per your request I will leave the button programmed as is. It’s easy to change if you ever want to.