WTS [UK] Emisar D4V2 Dual Channel and Sofirn SP36 [D4V2 SOLD]

~~Emisar D4V2 Cyan Dual Channel LH351D 5500K/W1 6000K https://imgur.com/a/8LLrf5T~~ SOLD

~~Options: Cyan backlit switch, Stainless steel bezel, pocket clip, spare modified Carlco 10621 optic for more flood https://imgur.com/a/54SMv0E~~

Condition: Like new with a minor scratch to the body tube, it has seen very light use in the last 6 weeks since purchase.

Price: 45GBP shipped within the UK or 40GBP for collection in London.

Note: does not include battery.


Sofirn SP36 BLF Anduril 2.0 4000K https://imgur.com/a/ZCdwNGB

Includes: Original USB-A to C cable, spare o-rings, 2x original diffusers from Sofirn, 3x Sofirn branded button top 3000mAh batteries that have done approx 3-5 cycles, and a DIY paracord lanyard (can be removed at your request).

Condition: Great condition with a couple of dings to the bezel. Light use in the last 6 weeks since purchase.

Price: 40GBP shiped within the UK or 35GBP for collection in London.

The SP36 is that price on the Sofirn website at the moment by the way

Ahh you’re right, I paid a bit more for it when I got it. I’ll bump the price down, cheers!

Why you sold them?

They’re great lights. I just have others that I prefer and I’m accumulating too many of them. Theres some other lights I want to try :).