WTS: Various and Sundry Lights (Wowtac W1 Left)

Reclaiming some closet shelf space. These lights are for sale. All work fine, are in like-new condition and have never been carried. Set fair prices (I think) as light-only but will send boxes/extra o-rings as I have them.

Cosmetically they are all in as-delivered-new shape. I can post pics later if necessary.

Will sell the whole lot for $100 shipped if anybody interested and commits before I sell any of them.

Included shipping is Continental US. I can figure out other locales if interested.

Convoy S2+ blue, XM-L2 T6 3B (3/5) $10 shipped-
BLF A6 Special Edition $15 shipped-
Sofirn C8G $15 shipped-
Wowtac W1 - $15 shipped

Spark SL6-740 and SL5-190 $45 shipped (both NW tint), includes extra frosted lenses.-

All of the following for $20 shipped:

Xeno E03 – blue
Sofirn C01S – black, Hi-Lo
Nicron N7

PM sent about Convoy S2+.

I'll take the

Sofirn C8G – $15 shipped


All of the following for $20 shipped:

Xeno E03 – blue
Sofirm C01S – black, Hi-Lo
Nicron N7

flashesoflight and Boaz I have sent you PM’s.

BLF A6, Sparks, and Wowtac still for the taking.

I’ll take both sparks.

I’ll take the A6

missed the A6 by that much

PMs to fonfan and treelama.

A6 sold. Sparks are pending.

PP sent

Wowtac W1 is only one left.

Tint is a bit “bleh” but it really is a nice little light otherwise - very unobtrusive and reversible clip. Solid and bright for a little light.

Thanks to those who have looked / purchased.

A6 arrived today—thanks!

Convoy S2+ showed up in fantastic condition. Thanks!