WTS with price drops: Convoy M21A, BLF A6, Thrunite TH30

I have the following flashlights for sale within the US. All these are like new/catch-and-release. Prices don’t include shipping, but if you’re buying a few flashlights at a time, I can split shipping with you. If you’re interested or have any questions, send me a PM. Thanks!

Convoy L6 XHP70 N2-7A 3000K, black (with box and tactical anti-roll ring) $35- (sold)
-Thrunite TH30 Neutral White (with battery and all original accessories pictured) $40
Reylight Pineapple v2 with yellow tritium vial installed (box + o-rings) $35- (sold)
BLF A6 in 4500K (with box, lanyard, pocket clip and o-rings) $12 each
Convoy M21A SST40 (with lanyard and upgraded stainless bezel) $20
Emisar D1 XP-L HI 4000K 5D (with box, o-rings and pocket clip) $25- (sold)

Zebralight SC700d (box, pocket clip, o-rings) $85- (sold)
Fireflies E07 SST-20 4000K, sand color, ice blue aux LEDs (with box, instructions, 18650 adapter, pocket clip, o-rings, etc.), this is from the second batch and I have had ZERO issues with it – $40 (sold)
Convoy C8+ Nichia 219C 4000K, black (with lanyard and box) – $13 (spf)
Convoy C8+ XP-L HI 3000K, sand color (with lanyard and box) – $13 (spf)
Acebeam H30 headlamp with XHP70.2 5000K and red+Nichia factory secondary LED option (with box, power bank adapter, o-rings, 18650 adapter, etc.) no battery – $50 (sold)
Convoy H1 5000K (with box, headband, pocket clip), like new, never taken outside – $18 (sold)
Convoy H1 4200K (with box, headband, pocket clip), like new, never taken outside – $18 (sold)
Sofirn SF11, brand new condition; (This is a 4x AA thrower, although no batteries are included). Note: battery indicator is always orange, a common issue with these lights, but works fine otherwise – $12 each (both sold)
Emisar D1S XP-L HI 4000K, black (with box and o-rings) – $33 (sold)
Acebeam L30 II 5000K (with box, holster, 18650 adapter, spare o-rings, instructions, and two Acebeam batteries), like new – $60 (sold)
Thrunite Ti4, black, modified with Samsung LH351C 5000K 90 CRI LED (with box, o-rings and instructions), like new – $15 (sold)

Acebeam L30 Gen2 sold to me. Great seller, purchased from before. Thanks koziy.

Bumping with a few additions, as well as price drops on a few things that haven’t sold.

Oh damn it.

Why didn’t I see your FF E07 listing here first?

I could’ve avoided buying the E07 from Neal.

I’ll take the d1s

Lol literally beaten by minutes. :smiley:

Just added it today.

Bumping with price drops on everything.

L6 would be a decient deal. Tempting.

PM sent for Acebeam H30.

Hello, I just created an account here. I’ve been on CPF a while.

Sent PM for the convoy headlamps. Thanks.

I’ll take Second on the acebeam H30

They are good flashlights. I just have moved toward preferring cooler flashlights - 4000K to 5000K - when in the outdoors. Last time I used this particular L6 was during a power outage, and it made a really nice “incandescent” battery-powered lamp to flood the whole room with warm light for a few hours. However, even for that, it’s a little precarious to tail-stand. It’s a very unique outdoor flashlight in how much light it produces and how warm the light is, and will be for a very specific user, but I am sure that there are people on BLF who fit that category to a T. :wink:

You had mentioned that the Sofirn SF11 battery indicator light is always orange.Popped in some charged Eveready NiMH AA into the SF11 upon recieving it.

The indicator is blue green in color, hoping to see orange as the batteries are drained. (Loaded new Duracells, same result. Teal) :innocent:

Thank you for the light.


Bumping with price drops on everything.

Just dropped the price on the Thrunite TH30 headlamp.

Sent a pm about the a6

Is the M21A 6500K or 5000K?