WTS/WTT Flashlights for Charger and/or 14500s

So I got a incorrect shipment of flashlights that were 3 volt + only as detailed here: Help with Purchase/Suggestion for an "Award" light for Scouts All I want to do is recover the extra money I had to fork out throughout the ordeal. There are 7 total that will only run 3+ volts. I’ve tested all seven with 2 AA batteries and a wire and they all run on that so I assume that they’ll run on a Li-ion 14500, but I don’t have any to test them with.

So here’s what I’d like to do. I’d like to get into the Li-ion world and thought this may be the chance. I’d like to trade for a charger and 14500 batteries or just a charger that will charge 14500s. I’d also be willing to sell them, but I don’t think selling one at a time be worth the shipping cost involved. Of course, if you’re willing to cover the shipping I’d sell smaller lots if I have no trade or sell offers for larger quantities.

So for example, I’d sell 7 for $25 shipped as I know I can get all 7 in a small flat rate box (USA only). I’d probably be maxed at 9 lights in a small flat rate box. If you want them shipped international you’ll have to cover the shipping.

Also, banggood was good about getting me what I ordered, but as explained in the tread I referenced above I have extras that will run on AAs or Li-ions. So up for trade and sell is a total of 12 lights (6 or 7 of the 3+volt lights mentioned above and 5 or 6 of the others that will run either battery, because I’m going to keep a few to play with). Here’s a photo of the lot:

The top 7 are the 3+volt only flashlights. I’m a little sad about these not being what I ordered as the exterior machining on them is better. The bottom 3 in the picture are a sample of the flashlights that will run AA or 14500.
Here’s a photo of the two heads 3+volt only flashlight is on the left:

Also, if you’re interested in colors, there’s only the two gold colored in the photo. The remaining flashlights are evenly divided into black and silver.

So, there it is. Please PM me with offers. I’ll consider trades first (think a Xtar MC0 would be a good starter charger, hint). If no trades come through by this Thursday evening, I’ll post prices per piece. Also, you can send me offers to buy but I won’t respond to those offers until Thursday night at the earliest. Paypal gift, or M.O. prefered. My apologies for being long winded.

I forgot to mention these are all 1 mode. I guess I don’t make a good flashlight junkie leaving out critical info like that.

Interested in a like new (no dust in the slots or anything) nitecore i4?

Do these have any brand markings? I have one marked an Aleto N8.

I have some 14500’s left someplace and a couple chargers. I think. I had a bunch of them but sold them when I first got on the forum. I’ll look around and see what I have left. How many are you looking for?

Yes, I’d love to own a nitecore i4 (or any smart charger to charge both my eneloops and Li-ions once I get some).

There are no markings on the lights as shown on BG’s website.

I don’t need tons of 14500s just some to play with in a few flashlights I have… so 2-4 tops.


Well, I’m waiting to hear back on a possible trade and have two offers to buy a few. Hopefully I’ll be able to tie this us soon.

All the lights I want to sell are SPF. Thank you.

I got my box-o-lights this weekend. They are fun to play with. I ripped the dome off the LED in one of them, because I’ve not had a de-domed LED in a flashlight yet. As advertised, de-doming causes the tint of the LED to shift warmer. It also makes the spot smaller, more concentrated, so brighter. This gives it better throw. The LED in these lights is not super bright, but when zoomed, the perfectly focused shape of the LED can be seen a very long distance. I’m actually very impressed that this cheap little light can send out such a bright spot of light. Maybe in one of the others, I’ll change the emitter to something even brighter. I dunno, it already gets a little warm when kept on for a minute or longer on high.

Anyway, just checking in to say Thanks Nate! And, have a good day!

You’re welcome! Keep us posted on any significant mod you do to them. Have a great day yourself.

I would like to see a beam shot of the $3 light de-dome… :slight_smile:

Okay, I thought I had already taken a picture of it next to a non-de-domed one, but I can’t find it on my phone, so I’ll take one when I get home this evening and hopefully remember to get it up here soon. It’s obviously not going to be as impressive as a much brighter light, but it’s pretty cool to me because I’m still a newbie learning all this stuff. Anyway, watch this space. 8)

Edit: here are some shots I took in my basement comparing with and without de-doming the LED in identical $3.00 zoomies.

Both pictures are from about 7 feet away on a brick wall. The “bricks” are actually 8” x 8” x 16” terra cotta, so that will give you an idea of the spot sizes. I reduced the exposure for the second picture, so the shape and color difference would be more evident. These pictures were taken with my phone, so color accuracy is a pipe dream, but you can at least see how the tint shifts a bit. Spot on the left is de-domed and right is original (with dome). Both lights are zoomed all the way, and I’m holding them in one hand while snapping the pic with the other.

As an added bonus, here is a shot on my beige fridge in the same basement. Although, I don’t know that it will show you anything that the above pics haven’t already. This was about four feet away with exposure lowered to reduce glare.

Well, one thing that does show up here is the purple edge of light at both the top right and all along the bottom of the de-domed spot. That is real, and I think there may be a chance that I may have damaged the phosphor just a bit at those two edges. I de-domed by simply cutting away with a razor knife. The lenses on these lights are not the best. They introduce artifacts themselves, but the purple edges are not aberrations from the lens. I know this because I can turn the lens and it doesn’t change those places.