WTS/WTT FW3A - Traded, Closed.

Original run (pre-ordered) FW3A with XPL-HI 3D. I have not modified the light in any way. The tail has been dis- and re-assembled and the light is in excellent (and of course working) condition.
I don’t have it with me for pictures right now, because I never carry it. I can add pictures tonight if requested.
For a trade, I’ll consider anything “interesting” lol… no idea what I want. It’s more fun if it’s a bizarre but moddable host-candidate, or maybe some interesting small hot-rod or something. I have no idea, feel free to throw things at the wall until they stick because I won’t get annoyed (maybe you will if I keep saying no, in which case I’m sorry). Hell, if you had a trade you really thought I’d like, you could even offer something like “my [weird light] for your fw3a + $10” but I will say it’s unlikely I’d go for a money add beyond about $10.

Otherwise, I’m asking $35 shipped CONUS via Paypal F&F or Google Pay. I have everything original from the packaging. It’s only very slightly less than they can be had for, but it will also be shipped quickly with tracking. I’ll ship international but I can’t imagine it being worth it because I’d charge for any shipping beyond the first $7.

Full disclosure: I ordered a purple one but I don’t need two. I’m more interested in trades than cash.

Edited to add picture.

Does it come with the cat?

No… Although that reminds me, anything I ship may come with the occasional cat hair.

I’ll see if I can come up with anything interesting in my “collection”. :wink:

Do you have any sort of preference, like emitter type or quantity, or size of the light, or color of the host (you said yours is purple) or the type or size of the cell or if it uses multiple cells? …anything you’re leaning toward? …that you’d most likely be interested in trading for? :money_mouth_face:

  • My favorite color is purple.
  • I own 16340s, one 18350, lots of 18650s, a few 26650s. I’m also not opposed to 10440, 14500, or 21700. I guess I own a pair of 10250s also.
  • My favorite emitter is Luxeon V, but I’m open to nearly anything. I’d prefer to avoid anything that looks like XP-G3 in a reflector. HCRI is interesting but is only one way of being interesting. Maybe you want to change what my favorite emitter is by showing me yours!
  • I’m not looking for large lights currently - there are some out there that would change my mind, but they wouldn’t be fair trades.
  • I’m open to single- or multi-emitters.
  • I don’t need something that’s trying to be my brightest light. Hot-rods are cool, but need to have something else interesting besides being a hot rod.
  • Most of my collection is in my signature, and doesn’t need overlap.
  • Uh, I guess given recent history, I’m probably open to body tubes and tails that fit 47s heads too :wink:

I’ll trade you a CRKT Fulcrum 2….That’s a pretty interesting knife. CRKT Fulcrum 2 Knife | A Russ Kommer Design - YouTube

I have a DQG Hobi. CRX has modded several Hobi and other tiny DQG lights before, and has catalogued them in THIS thread. He has put a laser, UV emitters, SST-40, XHP-50, and more, into the DQG Hobi (sometimes using extensions). One that he hasn’t done yet is the OSRAM “White Flat” emitter. MascaratumB has shown in THIS post that the “White Flat” does very well in TIR (he used a Carclo 10507 triple, but the Hobi has a single emitter TIR). The Hobi originally sold for around $30 - $35 IIRC. It is discontinued now. I have the Veleno Designs 10180 that I’ve used with this light for years, but also some new “no-name” 10180 cells I bought recently from eBay, if you’re interested. If you aren’t interested, then I might try my hand at swapping the emitter. I have a “White Flat” that I bought from led4power a couple months ago that I haven’t used yet. On his site, he says it will work with XP pads, even though it is really 3030 size. The Hobi has XP-G2 stock, so it should be an easy swap, making it the tiniest TIR “thrower” yet!

EDIT: Forgot to say that the light works fine as it is. So, no mod is needed right away. It’s a two-mode light. Twist a little to turn it on in “low” mode, and tighten completely to go to “high” mode. The high mode is 120lm, IIRC.

I have eyed the DQG Hobi+ Ti, and even without modding I believe you can use the expansion tubes to attach the capsule or lighter to the other end of it, and cool stuff like that. As a CRX fan, I’ve definitely seen the mods :wink: But as things are, it’s just an overlap with my Klarus Mini One Ti.

It is an interesting knife! And you’re clever to offer something that’s not a flashlight as well. Very tempting, I will have to think about it some.

I forgot to post here, but I’ve accepted a trade and this is now closed :slight_smile: