WTS / WTT Wainlight copper XPL 21700 light. seek Cu FW3C


Basically not a fan of the UI. looking to straight trade for a copper Fritz light aka FW3C
Carclo optic, glass lens, 5000k temp….?

that or I sell this for… $67 shipped in the US

yea about the same as the Neal group buy, but this would be shipped and arrived in a couple days


Oh yea, it comes in a neat wooden box. Have not handled it more than twice, wiped after

FW3C purchased.

wainlight now $60 shipped CONUS

hm…figured someone would want it…pretty nice Cu 21700 light……in a box too

no love….I bought an orphan,lol open to possible trades…


FW3x trade
SC600 lights
SC6x lights


Been a long time, I know, but is this Wainlight copper still available?

I sold it to a coworker. I’ll reach out to him

what was the UI like? i wouldve prob bought this, never saw this thread. always wanted that one but never made the leap.

I cannot for the life of me remember lol

My friend is considering selling it, but he hasn’t given a firm price

Im potentially interested, depedning on price. bc i would probably change the driver, which is an extra cost lol