WTS Zebralight SC51

Zebralight SC51, excellent condition, owned for a few weeks, needs another home. $30.00 shipped to the lower 48. Thanks, Kirk

That's a helluva bargain on a helluva light! If I didn't already have a SC51w (and a SC60w, AND an H51w) I'd jump all over this.

Need to make room for other toys and I prefer to move things quickly. You guys don't need a noobie reposting something overpriced. I call it my cost for my education and an opportunity to help convince someone to step into a light they thought was pricey when new. Have a great evening to everyone who reads this. Kirk

Not shipping internationally?

Bump for a great deal. I'd be all over this if it were neutral.

bump for international shipping?

i echo what agenthex said.

I'll take it for $30.00

If you’d ship to Canada I’ll take it

Dang, missed it by that much

Nice deal on a sweet light! Congrats to the winner.

How am I supposed to purchase this light? I was the first to make an offer, I sent the poster a PM telling him I wanted to purchase it. I guess he can do whatever he wants, eh? Whatever. If it's too good to be true, you know what they say.

Seller has only 2 posts (be wary)... but then so does the buyer.

Good afternoon, Thanks for all the comments and interest. My preference is to sell domestically, as shipping is quick and simple. No offense meant to others outside the lower 48. I am new to this site as of last night, forgive my understanding of your unwritten selling policies. I am in communication with the first two people who sent me a private message that they would take the SC51. On other forums that I am a member, we are quick to point out doubts in character and have a Board of Inquiry where we post experiences with individual buyers and sellers. I was glad to see a cautionary note as it appears you stick up for one another. If any of you wish to view my status on another forum, just send me a private message. I look forward to interacting with many of you in this community. Respectfully, Kirk


Where are you located in Michigan? Perhaps we could meet up and do the sale in person?


Sorry, two people are in line. Payment is on the way. Kirk

Great deal, thanks Kirk

Thanks Kevin for the positive transaction. Enjoy your weekend!