WTS: Zebralight SC64c LE

I have a Zebralight SC64c LE for sale. I bought this with 2 batteries direct from Zebralight in April. I have carried it often since then but haven’t even drained the first battery down to half. The only wear on it is a little fading of the anodizing on the tail cap and a little on the sides of the clip. This thing is incredibly efficient and makes a beautiful beam, great UI too. I just need the cash. Asking $70 shipped, I can include up to 2 Sanyo 3500mah 18650s as well for $5 each.


Congrats on your quick sale. This is a great light and I’m really enjoying mine… to the point where I really have no craving for another 18650 Zebralight. I think it’s the perfect form factor for this legendary design. The SC64 just does everything I want in this size. For comparison, the rather small FW3A is just about the same length as the SC64.

The ZebraLight arrived safely today.

It’s in great shape, just as described.

Thanks, mbp! :+1: