WTT: Fenix E35UE, Jetbeam SF-AA01

I have a few lights sitting around that are extras or just not being used. Looking to see if anyone is interested in making some swaps. I’d prefer US only to keep shipping costs down since none of these are overly expensive to begin with.

Edit: The HC30 & Mi7s are pending trades.

Fenix E35UE 2014 - In good shape, no scratches or dings just a little dirty. I no longer have the original packaging

Nitecore HC30 Just taken out of the box & never used. Original box (which arrived slightly squished) and all accs are included.-

Jetbeam SF-AA01 - The edges of the clip show some wear but otherwise in perfect shape. On 14500 it’s relatively decent little thrower.

Klarus Mi7 Olive & Rose - Both are in perfect shape, The olive one includes a clip the rose did not come with one. With original packaging/accs.-

UTorch UT01 Also has some minor wear on the clip. Cool white. Original box included.-

UltraTac K18 Another great little light. Like new just another one I’m not using (I have another in SS and a 2017 model on the way). I think I have the original packaging but will have to make sure.-

What are you looking for?

I tend to mostly focus on EDC lights and I have a fondness for penlights but I tend to be pretty open.

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